Steam Cleaning Services

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Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning has become a preferred choice of cleaning method among many Dubai. And there are plenty of health and cost benefits in switching to a cleaning service that utilizes steam cleaning.


What is the process of steam cleaning?

This methodology of cleaning is highly praised as the most natural, eco-friendly and cost-efficient way of carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtains cleaning and washing of any other piece of furniture in your home or office.

The steam is produced out of fresh water, and the process of cleaning consists of diluting and melting away the sticky and stubborn dirt, stains, dust and grime out of any sort of surface. But washing away dirt is just one side of the steam cleaning coin. The additional benefit is the way hot steam proceeds to eliminate pathogens such as salmonella, listeria, staph, yeast, salmonella, E. coli and many more. Contrary to conventional cleaning that merely kills the living bacterias, the steam cleaning will remove any debris that could be a breeding place for the pesky germs, thus providing you with the highest efficiency in the ever-going war with bacterias and pathogens.


Why SMART FM households prefer steam clean?

As mentioned above, cleaning with hot steam provides an excellent and efficient pathogens removal process. The steam cleaning method is environmentally continuous because it doesn’t need any additional chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to children, pets and adults. Many studies have unanimously concluded that cleaning with steam will eliminate 99.9% of bacterias and germs.

Eliminates allergens

On carpets, rugs, couches and any other piece of furniture microscopic waste matter, dust mites and others are waiting to be airborne. Studies have shown that avoiding allergens while growing up can prevent the onset of asthma and other respiratory distress. Cleaning the carpets in your home will give you the ease of mind that your children and pets are being protected from the invisible floating allergens.

Removes pets’ odour

We do love to see our pets, but smelling them is another story. Steam cleaning will efficiently help you remove any pets` odour that could be lurking around the house. But also, washing your rugs with hot pressure steam will eliminate fleas, their eggs and larvae so your trusted animal competition can lead a healthier and happier life.

Your couch and curtains will look and feel new again

The high-pressure hot steam will remove deep dirt that has been building up for years and that other conventional cleaning methods haven’t been able to clean away. By choosing a professional steam cleaning service for your couch and carpets, you are as if going to the store and buying brand new ones because steam cleaning will efficiently remove dirt, germs, odour, grease and even red wine stains.

Steam cleaning is safe for you and the environment

You don’t need any additional chemicals when using steam cleaning. For example, removing mould with conventional cleaning methods requires much scrubbing and highly dangerous, toxic-smelling detergents. In contrast, hiring a professional armed with a steam cleaner and the knowledge to efficiently use it will make your home clean and environmentally friendly.


What are the Steam Cleaning services we offer

Have a look at our services and choose how we are going to start helping you protect your home from dirt and germs

Carpet & rug cleaning

The carpets in your home are where most of the germs are. When you have kids and pets, you don’t want them to roll around in them. Our steam carpet cleaning service will remove any dirt and grime out of your carpets no matter the degree of flight on it. As with carpets, rugs could get very dirty, but you shouldn’t be worried because by choosing our rug cleaning service you will enjoy clean rugs as if you have just bought them from the store.

Curtains Cleaning

You could tell a lot about the house from the curtains. Not only do they carry with them all the aromas of the house, but they also accumulate a lot of the dust. And when you pull the curtains to let the sunshine in, you are also stirring up dust in the air. Curtain cleaning is an ordeal that is why with our steam cleaning service specially designed for curtains, you can be sure that in the sun rays there won’t be floating dust.

Mattress Cleaning


A clean and pleasant-smelling mattress will do wonders for your good night sleep. We know that a stain and smell free bed will dramatically improve your nights, thus improving your days. That is why we have a mattress cleaning service with steam that will renew your bed.

Couch cleaning

The couch has these almost magical magnetic properties that many can’t resist – after work or on weekends, the sofa is where most of the action is. That is why we have made a tailored steam cleaning service for lounges so you can enjoy yourself without having to look at tomato sauce and greasy chips stains.


































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