Tiles Grout Cleaning

PROFESSIONAL Tiles Grout Cleaning Services

Interior floor tiles made of natural stone like Travertine, Slate, Sandstone, and Marble can be cleaned and restored by SMART FM Tile Cleaners. The look of man-made tiles like Ceramic, Terrazzo, and Porcelain can also be restored by us. To do a great job, we employ a variety of cleaning methods and high-quality chemicals. How we clean space is determined by the type of buildup on the floor’s surface and the type of building we are cleaning. A home, as opposed to a supermarket, will necessitate different methods of operation. It doesn’t matter what the job entails; we only use the best professional tile cleaning supplies. As a result of years of testing, we can confidently say that these products are designed to clean as effectively as possible without causing undue harm to the environment.

We use water-based cleaning and protection products because they are less toxic and have less of an impact on the environment. The smell is also kept to a minimum. More traditional cleaning can be done with low-impact materials if you prefer.

Whether you need a light cleaning or a deep cleaning, we know how to do it all. We’ve worked on a variety of stone and floor renovation projects and know exactly what we’re doing. Gutter cleaning, stone floor renovation, and sealing of new stone and tiled floors are all services we provide.

Regardless of the kind of job, we only use premium quality professional tile cleaning products. We guarantee that these products have been tested over a number of years and are designed to clean as effectively without creating undue harm to the environment.

Our Cleaning Process

  • An initial pre-inspection of all tile and grout areas. We’ll identify everything that needs to be done to get the job done correctly.
  • The tiled areas are swept.
  • The tiled areas are cleaned with soap and detergent to remove superficial substances.
  • Using a mechanical rotary scrubbing brush, all tiled areas and grout are thoroughly scrubbed. This is to ensure all dirt and bacteria has been removed.
  • We clean the floor with a high pressure clean. This piece of equipment uses hot water and steam at 1000 PSi to ensure that all dirt has been lifted from your tiles and grout. This will guarantee that the floor is as clean as it can possibly be.
  • Dirt, grime, and bacteria from within the tile and grout is sucked out and removed.
  • Finally, or team will clean the area and remove all traces that we were ever there.

Tile and Grout Sealing

SMART FM Tile Cleaners is a professional, knowledgeable company that only uses premium grade sealers, so whether you want to use a penetrating sealer or a topical sealer, we’ll give your tiles and grout protection and a glossy sheen that will look fantastic. There are two types of sealers that are typically used on tiles. One penetrates the tile, which leaves a natural look. The other is topical sits on top of the tile, leaving a nice, pretty shine. Both types are designed to defend against dirt, spills and deep stains. Having said that, not all tiles need to be sealed. Many tiles nowadays are glazed, ceramic or porcelain and therefore don’t need to be sealed. This is due to the fact that the glaze provides the same protection as sealant. This is a general rule and may not be true in all cases.

If your tile is a natural stone such as travertine, granite, slate, marble, or limestone it should definitely be sealed for protection against the elements, dirt, spills, and stains. That’s because these materials are naturally porous and tend to absorb water, dirt, and other substances very easily. SMART FM Tile Cleaners use a premium sealer and will suit the method to each situation, depending on various factors including weather.

  • A sealed Grout is easy to maintain. Just mop regularly and your grout will stay cleaner longer.
  • Your Grout will not stain as quick as unsealed grout. It will work as a barrier between the spills and the grout.
  • The grout will be protected for up to 10 years enhancing the life of the grout as well.
  • It will save you and your family from unhygienic conditions in the house as the bacteria and other germs wont penetrate into the grout.



  • We will inspect the tiles and grout floor to find any problem areas that need attention or special treatment.

Soil Removal

  • We will remove any debris on the floor by thoroughly vacuuming the area to be cleaned.

Soil Suspension

  • We use the top-quality cleaning chemicals; this will be applied all over the surface of the tile.


  • Once the chemical has had time to dwell, we will then use our travertine Cleaning Machine.

Grout Sealing

  • Once the cleaning process has finished, we will then seal the grout protecting them from further dirt.


  • Once again, we will inspect the tiles with you making sure the all the areas are thoroughly cleaned.


Like natural stone, grout is a very porous substance. It will inevitably stain due to spills, wear, and tear. Whether your grout is brand new or a decade old, it should be sealed and protected from future

staining. That is why tile and grout sealing cleaning is recommended. Before we begin work, tiles and grout are machine cleaned in order to extract contaminants and prepare the surface. A premium sealer is then applied to the grout and tiles, creating a barrier to protect them from the elements. In the event that food, wine or any other contaminant are spilled on a sealed floor, the sealer helps protect the area and allow it time to be cleaned before permanent staining occurs.


Tile and Grout Colour Seal

Smart FM Tile Cleaners grout color seal is a great, simple, cost-effective method for sealing and recoloring grout lines. The color seal is an acrylic resin, urethane based with concrete hardening agents, including silica powder. Smart FM Tile Cleaners use only the highest quality materials and methods. The color seal we use will not allow the growth of bacteria and will allow your floor to remain stain free for years to come. Grout Colour Sealing is a simple process that adds durability, beauty, and cleanliness to the grout joints. In addition to making the floor look better and cleaner, grout color sealing will allow for easier (and cheaper) maintenance in the future. Grout Colour Sealing acts as a surface sealant which water proofs and sanitizes. This allows the floor to stay clean.





  • We consider any visible damage, stains, fading, color instability, wear, and other factors when determining the most appropriate colour seal method.


  • Special stain-removers chemicals prepare spots for removal.


  • This process targets giving the tile and grout the best look.


  • Specialized tools restore the nap of your grout.


Most homeowners and property owners don’t know that grout sealing can create a floor that’s just as attractive, clean, and appealing as an entirely new floor. The experts on our team will visit you for a free quote and discuss the options that will work best for you, taking into account all factors, including cost considerations, existing material, and size of job. Our Grout Colour Sealing is proven to last up to ten times longer than lesser quality sealants.

  • Less expensive than totally replacing the entire floor.
  • Causes minimal disruption to the home.
  • A range of 89 different colours.
  • Provides a seamless transition across the surface.
  • Stain protection with an attractive finish.
  • Ideal for indoor surfaces including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.